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Eastern Athletic Association of the Deaf, Inc.

Basketball Guideline

Article I

EAAD Basketball Championship Tournament

SECTION 1.   Date of EAAD Basketball Championship Tournament.

SUBSECTION 1(a).    This Association shall hold its Basketball Championship Tournament between the
                                        last weekend of February and second weekend of March at the host´s convenience.  
                                        The last game of the Basketball Championship Tournament shall be started no later
                                        than 3:00 PM, Sunday.

SUBSECTION 1(b).   Such a date shall be announced by September 15th.

SECTION 2.   Bidding Host.

SUBSECTION 2(a).    Selection of the Basketball Championship Tournament city shall be decided on
                                        three (3) years in advance by ballot at the Delegates meeting at the time of the
                                        Basketball Championship Tournament.

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