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Eastern Athletic Association of the Deaf, Inc.

Basketball Guideline

SUBSECTION 2(b).   Only delegates armed with letters of authorization from the bidders on their
                                       stationary with their appropriate letterheads may speak in bid for the host.

SUBSECTION 2(c).    The authorized delegates bidding shall be able to show consents from
                                       their clubs, using their clubs´ stationary and letterheads; they shall have
                                       confirmations in writing as to hotel headquarters, gymnasium, ballrooms,
                                       breakfast or brunch for the EAAD Hall of Fame and meeting rooms for the
                                       Board of Directors, Delegates and Coaches meetings.

SUBSECTION 2(d).   The club bidding for future host of the Basketball Championship Tournament
                                       shall have been member of this Association for at least two (2) years and have
                                       a team at the previous year, host year and the following year.   A winning
                                       bidder shall field its own basketball teams for men and/or women during its
                                       host year.   A host failing to field its men´s and/or women´s teams in its host
                                       year and following year shall pay a two hundred-fifty dollar ($250.00) fee each
                                       year to the Secretary-Treasurer.

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