Eastern Athletic Association of the Deaf, Inc. (EAAD)

Delegates Meeting

Eastern Athletic Association of the Deaf
Delegates Meeting - Friday, March 9, 2012
Jochem Center at the New Jersey School for the Deaf
West Trenton, New Jersey

President Stewart Gerlis called the meeting to order at 7:15PM

  Roll Call:
  John Perry  Northern Virginia Diplomats
  James Vail  NJ Sport Club
  Carl Colon  NJ Warriors
  Roxanna Aguilo  Fanwood Alumni Association Officer
  Wendell Forbes, Jr.  Fanwood Alumni Association
  John Thomas  Brooklyn
  Robert Jones  Greater Philadelphia
  Christina Costello  EAAD Vice-President
  Stewart Gerlis  EAAD President
  Paul Mitchell  EAAD Tournament Director
  Heidi Schumacher  Delegate At Large
  Tom Sparks  Delegate At Large
  Charles Wallace  Delegate At Large
  Tim Lavelle  Parliamentarian

  Late Arrivals:
  Carl Sorrento  Rochester City Blazers
  Joshua Strack  Rochester Midnight Crushers
  Chad Duhon  Northern Virginia Women