Basketball Guideline


EAAD Basketball Championship Tournament

SECTION 1. Date of EAAD Basketball Championship Tournament.

Subsection 1(a).   This Association shall hold its Basketball Championship Tournament between the last weekend of February and second weekend of March at the host’s convenience. The last game of the Basketball Championship Tournament shall be started no later than 3:00 PM, Sunday.

Subsection 1(b).   Such a date shall be announced by September 15th.

SECTION 2. Bidding Host.

Subsection 2(a).   Selection of the Basketball Championship Tournament city shall be decided on three (3) years in advance by ballot at the Delegates meeting at the time of the Basketball Championship Tournament.

Subsection 2(b).   Only delegates armed with letters of authorization from the bidders on their stationary with their appropriate letterheads may speak in bid for the host.

Subsection 2(c).   The authorized delegates bidding shall be able to show consents from their clubs, using their clubs’ stationary and letterheads; they shall have confirmations in writing as to hotel headquarters, gymnasium, ballrooms, breakfast or brunch for the EAAD Hall of Fame and meeting rooms for the Board of Directors, Delegates and Coaches meetings.

Subsection 2(d).   The club bidding for future host of the Basketball Championship Tournament shall have been member of this Association for at least two (2) years and have a team at the previous year, host year and the following year. A winning bidder shall field its own basketball teams for men and/or women during its host year. A host failing to field its men’s and/or women’s teams in its host year and following year shall pay a two hundred-fifty dollar ($250.00) fee each year to the Secretary-Treasurer.

Subsection 2(e).   At such meeting, before submitting a bid of the host of Basketball Championship Tournament, the bidder shall deposit with the Secretary-Treasurer a sum of three hundred dollars ($300.00). Of this amount, one hundred dollars ($100.00) shall be a fee for holding such Championship Tournament and two hundred dollars ($200.00) for a performance bond.   The deposit shall be returned to the bidder if its bid is rejected or not acted upon.

Subsection 2(f).    Performance bond of two hundred dollars ($200.00) shall be a guarantee of a compliance with agreed upon plans. The entire sum of this bond shall be returned intact to the host upon completion of the terms between this Association and the host.

Subsection 2(g).   The holding fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) is nonrefundable if the host is rejected or not acted upon.

Subsection 2(h).   Under no circumstances, whatsoever, will any oral bids be considered.

SECTION 3. Host Withdraws and New Host.

In the event no new host is found within six (6) months prior to the Basketball Championship Tournament Date, EAAD will take over as the host of the Basketball Championship Tournament. The Tournament Director shall become the host chairperson.

SECTION 4. Host Responsibilities. (See Host Guideline)

SECTION 5. Scorekeepers and Statisticians.

Subsection 5(a).   The host shall provide at least four (4) qualified official scorekeepers to keep scores and two (2) statisticians for tabulation of the Basketball Championship Tournament statistics. This Association shall be responsible to compensate the scorekeepers and statisticians for their time.

Subsection 5(b).   The team delegates shall approve the list of qualified official scorekeepers submitted by the host at the Coaches meeting. The Tournament Director shall approve the name of the statisticians. The Tournament Director shall supervise the scorekeepers and statisticians.

Subsection 5(c).   Should the host is unable to provide the scorekeepers and statisticians, the Tournament Director shall appoint scorekeepers and statisticians and the host shall then pay the scorekeepers and statisticians. The scorekeeper and statistician shall be paid six dollars ($6.00) per game and twelve dollars ($12.00) per championship game.

SECTION 6. Trophies and Awards.

Subsection 6(a).   The host shall acquire trophies and awards for men and women each and the President shall present trophies as follows:

(i)           First through third places and consolation champion

(ii)          Ten All-star players

(iii)         Most Valuable Player

(iv)         Coach of the Tournament

(v)          Team Sportsmanship

(vi)         Most Outstanding Player

In the event of seven (7) or less teams participating, the Tournament Director and host shall determine the number of the trophies.

Subsection 6(b).   All-star selection shall be based on solely on the players’ performance and statistics in the Basketball Championship Tournament.

Subsection 6(c).   Award prizes shall be equal for both men and women teams.

SECTION 7. Championship Teams.

The championship teams representing the winners of the Basketball Championship Tournament that shall participate in the national basketball tournament shall be reimbursed as follows:

(i) The championship team shall receive based on number of teams participating in the Basketball Championship Tournament. However, other teams may receive prize pending number of teams: If more than 10 teams, the first 4 teams will get prizes, if there are 7-9 teams, the first 3 teams will get prizes, if there are 5-6 teams, the prizes will go to the first 2 teams. If there are 4 and less teams, the winner takes all.

(ii) In order to measure the amount of prize: The winners of 1-4 places, as follows: 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 15% and 4th 5%.   The winners of 1-3 places, as follows: 1st 50%, 2nd 30% and 3rd 20%. The winners of 1-2 places, as follows: 1st 65% and 2nd 35%.

SECTION 8. Seeding and Drawing Regulations.

Subsection 8(a).   The seeding shall reflect on using the current standing result.

Subsection 8(b).   Any protests should be made seven (7) days prior to Championship Tournament date to the Tournament Director.

SECTION 9. Special-Rate Passes.

Subsection 9(a).   Up to fifteen (15) participants per team, each shall pay twenty dollars ($20.00) for admission fee and registration fees before the game is started.

Subsection 9(b).   Delegate-at-large and Delegates attending the Delegates meeting at the Basketball Championship Tournament shall pay twenty dollars ($20.00) before the Delegates meeting is started.

Subsection 9(c).   EAAD lifetime pass holder shall pay the registration fee only. They shall pay the admissions to the EAAD Hall of Fame if they chose to attend.

Subsection 9(d).   Current officers of the Board of Directors shall pay ten dollars ($10.00) for the registration fees and the passes shall be good to all functions of the Basketball Championship Tournament and related events.

SECTION 10. Coaches Meeting.

Subsection 10(a). The Coaches meeting shall be held after the Delegates meetings at such time as the President may designate.

Subsection 10(b). The Coaches meeting shall consist of the coaches, managers and representatives of the teams participating the Basketball Championship Tournament. Team shall send one (1) representative and alternate.

Subsection 10(c). The Coaches Meeting shall be presided by the Tournament Director.

SECTION 11. Referees.

The Host club must hire the certified referees only (2) referees per game. The International Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO), National Federation of State High School Association (NFSHSA) or Deaf Basketball Official (DBO) must recognize the referees. There shall be no discrimination of deaf, hearing, his/her race, color, religion, age or national origin.


Conditions of Completion

SECTION 1. Rules and Regulations of Basketball Championship Tournament.

Subsection 1(a).   The conditions of competition and the rules governing the Basketball Championship Tournament given by this Association shall be those prescribed in the rules and regulations of the national basketball organization association, except as otherwise herein provided.

Subsection 1(b).   A gymnasium shall have a suitable floor in an excellent condition, not less than 94’ x 50’ in size with good lighting, shot clocks, (if, it applies) and electric scoreboard.

Subsection 1(c).   All games shall consist of twenty (20) halves.

Subsection 1(d).   All tournament games regulations not outlined in the Rules and Regulations of this Association shall be followed as outlined in the official book of the Official National Collegiate Guide of Basketball.

SECTION 2. Uniform.

Competing team’s players shall wear complete and matching uniforms consisting jerseys and shorts. Jerseys shall have numbers, six inches (6”) high on the back four inches (4”) high on the front. Undergarments of any kind extending beyond the seams of jerseys and shorts shall be the same color as the uniform. Team shall bring two (2) matched sets of uniforms; one light and one dark and the following numbers are legal: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 00, 10 to 15, 20 to 25, 30 to 35, 40 to 45 and 50 to 55. If the team fails to follow these rules, that team shall be fined fifty dollars ($50.00) once.


Sanctioned Invitational Tournament

SECTION 1. Request and Fee.

Subsection 1(a).   Team franchise desiring to sponsor a sanctioned invitational tournament shall present their plans and objectives along with a sanction fee of one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125.00) to the Secretary-Treasurer at least forty-five (45) days prior to the said tournament in order that this Association may satisfy itself that it is worthy of being sanctioned. Information shall include the site of the tournament and the excepted number of teams.

Subsection 1(b).   Team franchise shall not hold invitational tournament two (2) prior to the date of the Basketball Championship Tournament.

SECTION 2. Restriction.

During a sanctioned invitational tournament, a player shall play for only one (1) team and no player shall be permitted to transfer or jump and play for another team. A player shall have a right to choose any team before a player signs EAAD or national organization form.

SECTION 3. Responsibilities of Sponsoring Team.

Within seven (7) days after the completion of any sanctioned invitational tournament, the sponsoring team shall send the results, wavier forms and indecent report to the Secretary-Treasurer. Failure to do so will subject the sponsoring team to the fine of fifty dollars ($50.00) per week.



SECTION 1. Discrimination.

No Discrimination toward any athlete on the basis of race, nationality, sex, color, religion or creed.

SECTION 2. Team Eligibility Rules.

Subsection 2(a).   The team shall represent bona-fide member of this Association.

Subsection 2(b).   Team shall first be member of this Association before it becomes member of the national basketball organization in order to participate in any of the current year’s regional and national tournaments.

SECTION 3. Player Eligibility Rules.

Subsection 3(a).   Players representing a team shall be deaf or hard of hearing and shall be bona fide members of their member club or independent team before signing the registration forms.

Subsection 3(b).   A player shall have a hearing loss of 55 dB or greater in the better ear to be eligible. This is in accordance with the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) Bylaws.

Subsection 3(c).   Players shall have attended a school or program for the deaf, whether residential or day, oral, or combined, as listed in the yearly reports of the American Annals of the Deaf, for a period of at least two (2) years. In deserving cases, exceptions to this rule can be made by each region but on at its annual meeting. Such deserving player shall have been a member of a member club or an independent team for a period of one 1) year before his eligibility becomes effective.

Subsection 3(d).   Hearing persons shall not play on any national organization member team in any regional or national tournament. Teams desiring to have hearing coaches shall be permitted to do so.

Subsection 3(e).   Any high school student/player shall not play for any EAAD team in the same academic year unless he has exhausted his high school eligibility. No one under the age of 18 years shall be permitted to play.

Subsection 3(f).    Any college student who practiced with, suited up with or played for a collegiate team at any time during the college basketball season shall not be eligible to play for any EAAD team during that same season, in accordance with NCAA regulations.

SECTION 4. Player Residency Rules.

Any player whose residency, place of employment, or attendance at an educational institution is questionable shall show proof thereof within the respective region to the Regional Secretary. At least three valid proofs shall be a current driver’s license and documentation, which provides such proof of residency within that region for at least thirty (30) days. Region shall resolve disputes regarding player residence and send final approval of the appropriate National Commissioner prior to February 15th.

SECTION 5. Eligible to Participate at the Basketball Championship Tournament.

Team shall have taken part in at least one (1) game against another team actively engaged in competition with all players’ names on the roster. For the purpose of this section, league teams and club teams (deaf or otherwise) are accepted. Pick up teams shall not classify as being actively engaged in basketball competition. With the exception of women’s teams, if there are two or more tournaments, teams must have taken part in at least one (1) game.

SECTION 6. Protest.

Subsection 6(a).   Protest regarding eligibility of team or its player shall be made at the Delegates meeting before the start of the Basketball Championship Tournament.

Subsection 6(b).   His/her coach shall be prepared to present evidence of the status of the player’s good standing if challenged.

SECTION 7. Violation of the Eligibility Rule.

Subsection 7(a).   Violation of these rules shall cause club, team and/or player to be suspended up to a period of two (2) years determined by the Executive Board. This Association shall be allowed to impose fine as approved by the Executive Board.

Subsection 7(b).   The President shall immediately suspend member club and team franchise permitting the use of player who is not eligible and the case shall be presented to the Executive Board for further debate.

SECTION 8. Contract and Agreement.

No contract or agreement between a team franchise and a player shall be recognized. Only the official registration form shall be used as evidence in case of dispute over a player.



SECTION 1. Open Date for Registration.

Subsection 1(a).   The Secretary-Treasurer shall send the official registration forms to the member team franchise of this Association before November 1st.

Subsection 1(b).   Official registration forms shall be returned to the Secretary-Treasurer for approval postmarked on February 1st.

Subsection 1(c).   A club may be permitted to register more than one (1) men’s/women’s teams.

Subsection 1(d).   Any teams who submit registration forms after February 1st shall be fined Fifty Dollars ($50.00) and will be allowed to register for the Basketball Championship Tournament.

SECTION 2. Qualified for National Basketball Championship Tournament.

Team is required to participate in the Basketball Championship Tournament before entering the national basketball championship tournament.

SECTION 3.  Registration Rules.

Subsection 3(a).   Player shall be a member of the team of this Association in order to sign an official registration form and in order to participate in the Basketball Championship Tournament and national basketball championship tournament. Individual shall affix his/her name in his/her handwriting. No proxy signature shall be accepted on these forms. Player shall register with his/her member team of this Association before the deadline of February 1st (postmarked).

Subsection 3(b).   Coach shall be responsible for the signatures and other information of his/her players on the official registration forms. Athlete who has been abused, threatened or given intentionally misleading information by the coach for the purpose of defrauding the player and the region for personal or club gain, shall have the right to lodge a complaint in writing with the Secretary-Treasurer. Such individual found guilty by the Executive Board shall be suspended for a period of not more than two (2) years.

Subsection 3(c).   Each team is required to submit a team photo for the program book.

SECTION 4. Participating Teams and Players.

Subsection 4(a).   Completing team shall be permitted with a minimum of five (5) players on the floor with a maximum of fifteen (15) players provided that team with a minimum of players on the floor has at least eight (8) registered players listed on the official registration form.

Subsection 4(b).   Players, coaches and managers participating the Basketball Championship Tournament shall carry their own health and accident insurance at no cost to this Association.

SECTION 5. Athletic Liability Release and Waiver Form.

Subsection 5(a).   Players, coaches, managers, scorekeepers and water person shall sign the Athletic Liability Release and Waiver Forms. Failure to sign this Athletic Liability Release and Waiver Forms shall make him/her ineligible to participate in the competitions during the application season.

Subsection 5(b).   Pregnant player shall be permitted to play at her doctor’s discretion upon signed of a waiver form.

SECTION 6. Entry Fee.

Subsection 6(a).   Entry form shall be accompanied by the sum of non-refundable two hundred dollars ($200.00).

Subsection 6(b).   Entry form shall be forwarded to the Secretary-Treasurer on or before February 1st.

Subsection 6(c).   Entry fee shall be in a single fee for one package.

SECTION 7. Additional Rules.

Additional rules regarding tournament shall be determined at the Delegates meeting at the time of the Basketball Championship Tournament.

SECTION 8. Conduct.

Athletic Directors, coaches and captains shall be responsible for the conduct of their teams ON and OFF the gym floor during the Basketball Championship Tournament. In the event of neglect, riot or other non-sportsmanship conduct, the Executive Board, after given the case a throughout investigation, shall be empowered to enforce a fine or suspension.



SECTION 1. Debt.

Subsection 1(a).   Member team may make a request to suspend its former player from playing for other member team of this Association when the player owes the former team one hundred dollars ($100.00) or more excluding membership dues. Documents and the written request for the suspension shall be sent to the Secretary-Treasurer has verified the documents and found them in order. Once suspended, the player may be reinstated upon the payment of the debt in full to the former team, providing that copy of the receipt is furnished to the Secretary-Treasurer.

Subsection 1(b).   Player suspended by this Association shall be barred from participating in any regional event for that period in which the suspension is in effect. Such suspension shall be reported to the national basketball organization within ten (10) days after the conclusion of the Delegates meeting and copies of the report shall be sent to each regional President.

Subsection 1(c).   Member team of this Association shall not engage in the basketball activity with team under suspension by this Association.

Revised by: March 8, 2017

John Perry; Vice President, EAAD