Board Minutes

Eastern Athletic Association of the Deaf, INC

Board of Director’s Meeting

Main Street Grill

111 Heritage Circle

Romney, WV 26757

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Meeting started at 2:42pm

Roll Call:

Danny Gabel, President

John Perry, Vice President

James Ginis, Tournament Director

Alexandria Pucciarelli, Secretary/Treasurer

Missing: PR/Hall of Fame Saul Gevarter

No corrections were made for the previous minute of the meeting on March 11, 2016 therefore Danny Gabel proposed to close the minute and all were in favor.

Treasurer’s report: Alexandria Pucciarelli stated that the balance dated of March 31, 2017 was $10,261.13.

President’s Report- Referred to the Delegate’s meeting.

Vice President’s Report-

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Romney, West Virginia and I know you may ask why EAAD is hosting in West Virginia. We, the board, have discussed where we should host and since there wasn’t a club who was willingly to host, West Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind has offered its gym in their beautiful location to us and we decided to take theirs.   Since I’m the Vice President of EAAD, we are willingly to take this chance and explore outside of our EAAD region for once.

During my Vice President tenure, I would like to give my gratitude to those who showed up at the February, 26th 2016 EAAD delegate meeting at Lexington to discuss and make changes on the by-laws and guideline. Thank you.   I have updated our current by-laws and guideline and I have few copies to give but I promise you this will be put up on our EAAD site.

I have been working on other guidelines- Hall of Fame, Invitational Tournament and Host Tournament. I realized this takes more than just one person to make this happen. I need your help, your cooperation and your guidance to make this happen. This will be my next task to complete. I can’t guarantee all will be completed by next year but I can assure you there will be a progress before we can accomplish.

Thank you.

John Perry, EAAD Vice President.

Tournament Director’s Report- No report.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report-

The problem is ongoing, especially about the player’s fees, and the coaches feel that they are having a hard time collecting the fees from the players. I will make a new motion in the delegates meeting to see if this new system will work. I was nice enough to give the teams two separate deadlines for the team-entry fee and player’s fee, but the problem remains the same.

USADB is no longer signing up with the USSSA insurance, this means that we will STILL have to pay for the teams participating into the USADB tournament with whatever insurance plan they comes up with. This is the only reason why we cannot have one form for the EAAD region’s team registration form.

Law Committee’s Report

Apple City moves to set the deadline for the players registration form From Feb 1st to Dec 31st- FAILED
New York Tornadoes move that there should not be cash prizes on the flyers. PASSED.
Lady Liberty moves that the EAAD should change the prizes from cash to traveling or lodging expenses to the national tournament. FAILED
Lady Liberty moves that the EAAD should provide catering food at the delegates meeting if it is more than two hours. FAILED
Survivors move to not have a late fee for the delegates meeting. FAILED

Unfinished Business

ESAD- They want to merge with the EAAD, but they demands that we pay them back with the amount that they had left with the EAAD. James Ginis, Tournament Director was at their delegates meeting in July and explained that this was not possible because we had to fund our money from the scratch.
LOGO- Danny has four logos and the Delegates will need to vote on the new logo before we can use it.

New Business

Added By-Laws “Article IV Section 5 Tournament Director: Provide official scorekeeper with scorebooks, score sheets, and necessary items.” PASSED

Changes to the Guidelines: (Note: Board votes were passed on each changes)

Removed Basketball Guidelines Part 3 Section 6a (i) “First through third places and consolation champion” Added “First through fifth places”
Removed Basketball Guidelines Part 3 Section 6 a (ii) “Ten All-Star Players” and Added Each team in order to recognize each team to receive at least one All-Star Players
Added Basketball Guidelines Part 3 Section 6a (VII) Rookie of the Year
Removed Basketball Guidelines Part 3 Section 6 c- Awards prizes shall be equal for both men and women teams.
Removed Basketball Guidelines Part 3 Section 7 “If there are 5-6 teams, the prizes will go to the first 2 teams. Added “If there are 4-6 teams, the prize will go to the first 2 teams.”
Removed Basketball Guidelines Part 3 Section 7 “If there are 4 and less teams, the winner takes all. Added “If there are 3 and less teams, the winner takes all.”
Removed Basketball Guidelines Article 11 Subsection 1 “All games shall consist of twenty (20) halves” Added “All games shall abide by NCAA rules”
Removed “Basketball Guidelines Article 3 Section 1 b Team Franchise shall not hold invitational tournament two (2) prior to the date of the Basketball Championship Tournament”


Public Relations/Hall of Fame’s Report-

I have been working on Hall of Fame for the last two years, we were supposed to have it at the tournament last year, but it was cancelled. I did not receive any boxes from the previous Hall of Fame, and I could not do the work. I need the information to do my job, to set up ideas/guidelines, and I had a meeting with Vice-President to develop a guideline for the Hall of Fame.

Return to New Business

John Perry moves to use $5.00 from each player’s fee to donate the sum of the money to United States of America Deaf Basketball. WITHDRAWN
John Perry moves that we create a new guideline for the invitational tournament sanctioned by the EAAD. Danny Gabel seconded. PASSED
Danny Gabel moves to remove the entire Section 2 and Section 3 from the Basketball Guidelines in order to have the EAAD to host the regional tournament infinite. James Ginis seconded. PASSED
Danny Gabel moves that we get two traveling trophies for the regional championship teams. John Perry seconded. PASSED
James Ginis moves to have a head referee presented at the meeting. John Perry seconded. PASSED
Alexandria Pucciarelli moves to provide a light refreshment at the delegates meeting. John Perry seconded. PASSED
Danny Gabel moves to enforce a representative from each team/organization to be presented at the delegates meeting otherwise a $20.00 fine will be in effective if they do not. John Perry seconded. PASSED
Danny Gabel moves to remove Daniela Farkas as the webmaster for the EAAD website. John Perry seconded. PASSED
John Perry moves that Ronnie Zuchegno, JR is no longer suspended from the EAAD with one condition, he cannot run for any officer’s positions. James Ginis seconded. PASSED
Alexandria Pucciarelli moves that Ronnie Zuchegno JR submits his team form to the USADB tournament. John Perry seconded. PASSED
Danny Gabel moves to have LAA Lady Liberty and Empire City forms submitted to the USADB after the tournament. James Ginis seconded. PASSED

Announcements: None

Meeting Adjourned at 5:48pm, James Ginis seconded.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Alexandria Pucciarelli, Recording Secretary