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1973 – Hugh J. Cusack*

1964 American Athletic Association of the Deaf, Inc. (AAAD) – Hall of Fame
1973 Eastern Athletic Association of the Deaf, Inc. (EAAD) – Hall of Fame

1973 – Hugh Cusack *Deceased.

A cigar-stomping, lovable and gentle Hugh was a prominent leader of the EAAD who was one of the founders in 1946.   He was the EAAD´s first treasurer and secretary-treasurer for four years in a row.
He served as president for four consecutive years.   He compiled the first four year EAAD basketball scoreboxes and contributed by writing articles of
the EAAD basketball and softball tournaments.
As one of the founders of the Silent Athletic Club of Philadelphia, he served as secretary, vice president and president during his 68-year membership.   Hugh was one of the men of great valor to help establish the AAAD and its successful growth.
He got a lot of praises for his unselfish, distinguished labor when he was the president for two terms, vice president for a year and a one-term publicity director.   Hugh was one of a few reporters in gathering for the first two issues of The Silent Worker.   Born in Glasgow, Scotland, he came to this country in 1904.   He graduated from the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in 1916 and attended Gallaudet University.

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