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1977 – Eugene Kier

1977 Eastern Athletic Association of the Deaf, Inc. (EAAD) – Hall of Fame

1976 – Eugene Kier

Better known as "Doc" for his untiring thriving involvement in youth sports for many years, he was one of few founders of the EAAD in 1946 and served as its president for two terms.   Eugene was best at motivating many people to be actively involved in the sports in the East.   He was the Silent Athletic Club of Philadelphia´s successful coach in the 1940´s.   He had functioned as president of Pennsylvania Athletic Association for the Deaf for years.   Eugene chaired the first EAAD basketball tournament at Philadelphia in 1946 and then headed the committee to host the AAAD national basketball championship in the same city two years later.   Eugene was head printing instructor at Pennsylvania for the Deaf.   Through his unselfish striving to maintain the EAAD in strong standing in the early days is one of the reasons that EAAD is still actively well.

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